See You Soon Movie


See You Soon is a modern-day “Cinderella” story. A US soccer star suffers a career-threatening injury in the run-up to the 2018 World Cup and during his recovery embarks on a romance with a Russian single mother. The film carries a positive message about love building bridges between the unlikeliest of places, and the power of soccer to unite the world.

At its deepest root, See You Soon is a proud homage to Leo McCarey’s An Affair To Remember; an unlikely, whirlwind romance between two lovers, only to be kept apart by tragedy and their own wounded pride. McCarey’s film (itself a remake of the 1939 movie Love Affair, by the same director, reinvigorated the romantic-dramedy genre with its sophisticated approach to time-old paradigms.

See You Soon aims to continue in this vein, turning classic to contemporary while evoking the abortive reunion that Cary Grant and Deborah Kerr never got to savor. Originally released in 1957, it seems fitting that 60 years later the film will be re-envisioned with an international scope and upgraded visual design.

Which brings us to the film’s overall message: that even in despair, hope can be found. And when there is hope, anything can happen…

Rating : R
Genre : Drama, Romance
Directed By : David Mahmoudieh
Written By : Jenia Tanaeva, Mike Cestari
Runtime : 107 min